The Bee

My post for the weekly photo challenge – a bee.

Seriously, I had multiple attempts before I captured the bee with my point and shoot. (all the while hoping it won’t turn on me). I was inspired by the dragonfly so thought I’ll try the same. But I did not realise how close you actually have to point the camera at the bee. All the while the bee is jumping from flower to flower whilst the camera kept refocusing on the subject. So this was the best shot I could find.

I tried a stationary object like the water droplet on my aloe vera. At least that was ten times easier and I wasn’t risking a bee sting. But it didn’t look as good to me. Maybe you can be the judge?



WPC : Close up


12 thoughts on “The Bee

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! The flowers are of a jade plant that grows just wild at the front of our house. They are really quite hardy. Even I can’t kill them.

  1. Love it, an award for bravery may be in order, and all for the sake of art and beauty. Well done.

    And love your comment about throwing the kitchen sink. For me though, it’s the dirty dishes that really get me mad, not so much the sink.

    1. Thanks and you are too generous! By the way, I have a solution for the dirty dishes. In our house, he is often the biggest contributor leaving his empty coffee cups everywhere. So, we leave it to him.

  2. The bee was gorgeous, but I was glad to know ahead of time that you hadn’t gotten stung. I would have settled for the water droplet rather than have you stung. Both photos were winners.

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