Coppin’s Track in Sorrento

I don’t know how I had forgotten about the scenic the cliffs and back beaches in Sorrento (a seaside town south of Melbourne). So, a few weeks back when we went for a walk along Coppin’s track, we were reminded by what we have been missing all these years!

sze wey lee a
Having a bit of fun with our shadows on the track!

Coppin’s track is a walk that starts at Ocean Beach in Sorrento and winds for about 4km along the clifftops to Diamond Bay. Having said that, the track actually keeps going and you can go quite some way along the coastline towards Rye and possibly beyond.

The track weaves pretty close to some of the homes in Sorrento.
But you are never far from the cliffs or the beaches

You don’t have to start at Ocean beach though as there are also plenty of points along the way that is accessible from the main road. Pressed for time, we did just that by starting our walk from St Pauls road that’s not far from where we stayed.

Sunny winter days have been few and far in between this year. And we felt we couldn’t just sit around. Seems such a waste. So, we said we could just go for a walk and that’s how we ended up on the track. But as we only started late and winter days are short, we managed to only walk a small section of it to Diamond Bay. It got dark way too quickly and combine that with the chilly blast from the South, we quickly retreated back to our car.

But not before, we rediscovered the spectacular coastline from this walk. It had secluded beaches, soaring cliffs, unbelievable views and sunsets to die for. Enough to convince us that we had to come back.


Peter walking down to the edge just to have a closer look.
Diamond Bay Beach captured on my iphone
The tide was coming in so we didn’t stay long on Diamond Bay beach. Besides it was already getting dark when we arrived and we still had to walk back the way we came.
Because it was dusk, I got to try out some shots on my camera capturing the swirls of the waves.
And we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset framed by the southern coastline of the Mornington peninsula
And finally to cap it off, I took a shot of the night sky. The numerous stars had lit up the clear sky that night. But the camera was able to capture so much more!

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