Photo 101 : Big

Today’s photo assignment is BIG. For once, I wish I could drive out to the Big Lobster in South Australia (considered the pick of Australia’s Big Things) and submit that for my assignment. However, my day job really prevents me from doing anything crazy like that.

So instead, I give you the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, taken for today’s photo101. What I like about the Shrine is that in the sanctuary is a marble with the inscription “Greater Love Hath No Man”. Once a year on 11 November (Remembrance day) at precisely 11am, a ray of light will shine down from the roof of the shrine onto the marble lighting up the word “Love”!


To continue with what I started in my last photo 101 post on Connect, here are a few more photos on Big which I hope you will enjoy.

The giant red man in Cape Town made up of 4,200 red crates. His name is Elliot!
Descending the giant sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi desert in Morocco. I almost had to lie close to the ground to get the POV on this shot.
Talk about over the top! A giant flower decoration in China getting some “work” done.
The giant imposing gate of Kasbah Tamadot in Asni

7 thoughts on “Photo 101 : Big

  1. Great pics. I love the story behind the Shrine of Remembrance. But my favourite photo is the sand dune 😀

      1. The contrasting colours of blue sky and orange sand really pop. I wouldn’t mind visiting one of the large deserts like the Sahara one day

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