Unbelievably Moroccan

Morocco is an eye opening place. Amidst the endless deserts, there are awe inspiring mountains. Then for miles just brown dusty plains and the next minute, lush dense palm trees growing next to an oasis. Maybe this reinforces our belief  that there is always more than meets the eye in every country and culture. One thing which we found inspiring was the intricate artwork that pervaded the local artists. Go to the handicraft market and it is everywhere. You just have to look beyond the cheap souvenirs. Even where we stayed was no different. One morning, I was just waiting at the reception waiting to go out for the day. Then I happen to look up and was instantly mesmerized. it was the most intricate ceiling light I have ever seen framed against an amazing ceiling. Wow! It was simply gorgeous and I wished I could take it home.


WPC : Intricate

3 thoughts on “Unbelievably Moroccan

    1. Yes, I loved it too. It is so captivating with the light and reflections. They do some very nice lamps in Morocco. I might post another photo of some of them I saw in the markets.

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