Trentham Falls

After the feast of waterfalls in Iceland, I was interested to learn on a weekend away in Daylesford, that Victoria’s highest single drop waterfall was not far from where we stayed. Known as Trentham falls, it was formed millions of years ago with volcanic origins. As such, it falls over basalt columns, much like Svartifoss in Iceland. I couldn’t quite believe that we have almost the same thing right at our doorstep!


But first, a light lunch at Trentham’s famous Redbeard Bakery that’s known for its organic sourdough bread. Baked using a Scotch oven which in itself is a rare remnant of traditional baking techniques that’s almost lost, it’s bread has won many local awards and accolades. It is certainly worth a visit if you are in the area and if you fancy bread making, the tour is a must.

redbeard bakery

After that, it was just a short drive from the town centre to the waterfall. Then a mere 5 minute walk from the car park to the viewing platform. Although there appears to be a trail that leads down to the waterfall, there were signs indicating that this trail is now closed. I was disappointed. Just like Svartifoss, we were thwarted yet again from getting up close and personal! Although it says the best time to visit is winter, the volume of water going over the falls was a reflection I guess of the years of drought we experienced. As you can see from the photo, it is just slightly more than a tiny stream.


trentham falls

Nevertheless, it was interesting to learn that the falls were once further downstream but undercutting have shifted them to where they are today. And that in the future, it is expected to fall further to the left as erosion continues to occur on the basalt columns.

On the way back, we drove to the other waterfall we had marked down to visit. Sailors Falls is actually in Daylesford itself and funnily itself was along the road we drove from Melbourne to Daylesford. This was strange to us as we did not notice anything on the drive down much less a waterfall. As it turned out Sailors falls is actually below the level of the road we were on. After parking the car, we walked towards where it was supposed to be, only to be stopped by barriers again saying the trail was closed.

But we didn’t have to go any further. There was not much to see. If Trentham Falls was a trickle, Sailors Falls looked just about dry! Yup, a far cry from the waterfalls in Iceland! So, that ended our little waterfall excursion for that afternoon.

sailors falls

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