Remembered always

There is graffiti, there is street art and then there are tributes like this. A beautiful piece done by Pia Brightman’s partner (Lenny Gould & a friend) back in March 2013. She used to live just around the corner here. And the piece was done in the weekend immediately after her death. I find it simply extraordinary really. So, this is my submission for this week’s photo challenge of (extra)ordinary. (Seemingly, there is respect within the subculture for works like this. It is still there today, never painted out or tagged.)

RIP Art 2

WPC: (Extra)ordinary

9 thoughts on “Remembered always

  1. Wow, that is extraordinary, graffiti art that was never painted over. but then this is much more than graffiti art isnt it? A loving tribute to a loved one passed over. How beautiful and how more meaningful in some ways than flowers on a grave.

    1. Thanks Debbie. It certainly caught my eye when I first saw it. It is so unusual that I had to find out the story behind it and that’s how I learned who did it and when. I found out that it was the hardest thing he had ever painted.

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