My Blog has MOVED

Fellow bloggers, friends and visitors,

Welcome to my new blogsite!

Over the last week, after some major hiccups, I finally succeeded in moving my blog to, a new domain with a new title. Why did I chose that title? Well since I started this blog, I have been writing about almost anything and everything (I fancy) except the kitchen sink. So, I thought why stop there and hence Sze Wey’s Kitchen Sink came about – a blog which will be about anything and everything including the kitchen sink.

As usual it was harder than I thought and the learning curve was steep. I almost threw the kitchen sink at it! So, I do apologize for a string of posts recently in your inbox. In moving my blog across, I lost a whole bunch of posts which is probably due to some fat fingered error from yours truly who is still new at all this. In manic frustration, I simply republished the ones I lost without realizing that you will get them again. The things you learn after the fact. . . . . oops

I am still not quite there yet (e.g figuring out what happened to all my ‘likes’) but I think I’ve had enough with all this techy stuff. So, I am going back to doing what I enjoy which is writing my blog!

Thanks for your understanding and hope you continue to follow and like my blog.



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