Melbourne Street Art

Last weekend, we decided to put on our walking shoes and walked the lane ways of Melbourne. Usually, this means shopping or hanging out in the many cafes as Melbourne’s lane ways are quite famous for small quaint boutiques and great aromatic coffees. However both of those options were shelved for another day as what we really wanted to do was look at some street art (or as some would call it graffiti)

After what we saw, we really quite prefer the term “street art” as some of what we saw were quite fabulous. I don’t know how cans of spray paint could produce anything like it. Of course, there were also your usual graffiti that did not appeal to us but I let you be the judge of that. As this is our first post on that subject, here are some examples from Hosier Lane in Melbourne

street art dr sze wey lee
Cartoons are some of my favourites


street art
As they fade over time, this one was “restored” in 2013 after first being painted in 2010.
melbourne street art
I don’t know how this works among the artists but this one was painted over something else
melbourne graffiti
This one of course was only done this year when Melbourne was voted the Worlds Most Livable city in 2014
melbourne street
Then of course there are alleyways where it is a myriad of colours where nothing is spared including the bins along the side of the wall.

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