Korcula Island and Marco Polo

Korcula (Kor-chula) is one of Croatia’s more populated islands but you would hardly notice it. It seems to take it all within its stride. The main town located within the island is also called Korcula and is a walled city with round defensive towers, earning it the nickname of “mini Dubrovnik”. Having probably fended off attackers for centuries, it looks absolutely charming now as a walled city.

Korcula 2
Korcula old town with part of its walls and defensive towers


Jutting out from the mainland like a peninsula, Korcula old town is quite a sight. Interestingly, the main street divides the old town into half with small streets extending outwards towards the walls. This makes the streets shape like the bones of a fish!

Aerial view of Korcula old town (courtesy of Korcula Tourist Board website)

I will say Korcula is our favourite island of the trip. There are no shortage of shops, accommodation and restaurants in Korcula. Marco Polo is said to be from here and together with his house which you can visit, there’s also a shop which you can fill up with Marco Polo paraphernalia! And of course the obligatory t-shirt. Mind you, I am unsure if Korcula’s claims are substantiated but regardless of the historical accuracy of the claim, be prepared to defend your case if you argue otherwise. The locals are pretty firm on this one.

Korcula gate
The Land gate in Korcula with a bas-relief of a winged lion tying its history back to its Venetian roots

After getting dropped off, we thoroughly enjoyed browsing the pedestrian only streets of the old town. We also picked up some nice local water colour paintings. But we made sure not to miss our dinner booking at Tedeshi which served delicious thinly crusted pizzas (and also the “legendary” calzone cooked in the shape of a fish!) Located right along the wall with views of the ocean, it is the perfect spot to wind down with a glass of local wine.

Calzone Tedeschi
The Calzone from Tedeschi Pizzeria (It was enough for two!)

Then it was onto the highly recommended (by our crew) Massimo Cocktail bar which is located in one of the towers. Although there are regular steps, the last bit is only accessible by ladder. This may put off some, especially if you are in the wrong attire, but the sunset views to be had with your evening cocktail is well worth the effort. Of course, who should we bump into there but our boat crew who were having a round of drinks so we happily joined them for the night.

korcula Massimo
Drinks on top of the tower. The bar is actually below but the cocktails are delivered expertly up via a pulley system!

We would have loved to stay in Korcula for another day but as always the next island beckons. After seeing off the sunset with drinks, we made it back to our Gulet wondering how this could get any better.

Korcula sunset
Sunset in Korcula old town








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