Boundaries . . . a test

Photo challenge is on boundaries this week. Boundaries are often there for a reason. Others,however, see it as an invitation. A question mark. A test. Here are some which I reckon some of you can identify with.


I didn’t even dare to ski up too close to this sign at Val D’isere for fear of slipping under the ropes and over into ski oblivion (for me anyway)


And there were others who clearly think otherwise jumping the fence. (Boundaries . . . what boundaries?)


Walk to Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland closed due to icy conditions. No one jumping the fence here.


Signs marking the boundary to the Russian border in Finland. Definitely no one was thinking of testing this out in our group.


Finally after four shots at below 0 degrees, here is one at the other extreme at close to a scorching 40 degrees celcius! Walpa Gorge in Australia, not far from Uluru or Ayers Rock in the Red Centre. Just a counter to man made boundaries, this one is immovable!

WPC : Boundaries


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