Where did the sun go?

With this post, winter has descended upon Melbourne and the chill is back in the air. Despite this, our ski resorts are looking decidedly nervous as the blanket of snow for the opening weekend is missing this year round. Anyone who lives in Melbourne knows that the ski season here is a bit like farming. You sow, plant and prepare all year, hoping that come June, there will be a good harvest. Then when no snow appears, you start getting worried. Like in a drought, you look toward the skies and pray. You hope that it will be forthcoming and year in, year out, it always does! It’s just a matter of when and how much. With the likely late start this year, looks like its going to be lean crop for the ski resorts.

Aidan participating in winter sports at Mt Buller when there was a lot more snow!

On the home front, “training” for the 10km run has officially begun albeit using our own made up routine. It’s not that complicated really and in fact, not much science to it. It’s more like a negotiation.

 “Should we go for a jog today?”

“Hmm . . .  looks like it’s gonna rain. How about calling it a rest day?”

“But we had a rest day yesterday.”

“Yes but yesterday I had way too much to for lunch. Surely we can have two rest days in a row?”

“I dunno, what does the routine say?”

“We don’t have one.”

“If it did, I’m sure it’ll say a rest day today.”

So, as a result, Peter has had more rest days that training days. Running long distances is new to him. He was a sprinter in school and never competed in anything further than 400m. During our jogs, he can gallop ahead like a horse only to run out of puff after 100m whilst I pass him by. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. That’s why the 5.5km run we did earlier was such a big achievement. I bet this is going to get really interesting for him.

Winter also means my lemon tree will be facing new challenges. In my last post on my lemon tree adventure, I mentioned the yellowing leaves and its need for iron. Since then, I have diligently given it copious amounts of everything but the yellow leaves remain and not much seems to have changed. This could either mean, nothings working or in fact, it is all working and that it has pulled through autumn and is now ready for winter. I prefer to believe the latter. As long as its still alive, there is hope. I am now also hoping that I picked the frost hardy variety. If you had read my earlier post, in my haste to pick the one with most lemons, I am not entirely certain I selected the right one. In 3 months time, I will be able to tell you the answer!

Finally, winter is also the time we always travel (when we can afford it) to the northern hemisphere to chase the summer sun. With the popularity of my Morocco post, I will try and post more of our travels in my next entry!

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  1. Hope there will be more snow for the ski enthusiast. Hope you have an amazing travel adventures as well. Here in Texas, it’s totally Summer, heat, beach trips and all. All the best to you & your family.

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