Simpson’s Gap

One of the famous sights along the West MacDonnell Ranges is Simpsons Gap. This is probably the closest place to get to from Alice Springs being only half an hours drive away. Water flows through a small gap in the ranges here creating a permanent waterhole for many birds and wildlife. It is also an important spritiual home to the local Arrarnta Aboriginal people, where several dreaming trails and stories cross.


Once again we were greeted by the ghost gums as we walk along the trail towards Simpsons gap.


Along our walk, we noticed to our right some oddly shaped trees on a dry sandy bed. I think you can guess what this is.

dry river

Yup, we were here in dry season. We were walking right next to a river! But clearly it has completely dried up. No chance of doing any swimming here even if we wanted to!


We did eventually find our way to Simpsons gap where as we were told, there was water. Just not any of the flowing kind! I just wonder what it looks like here when there’s been a heavy downpour.



Simpsons Gap is also popular for visitors looking to see the black-footed Rock Wallabies. They are a threatened species and sighting them is always a treat. We didn’t see any during our walk. Dawn or dusk is the best time to spot them and once again we weren’t there at the right time.

Looks like this calls for a return visit to “the Alice” when we can do it justice. My brief visit here is enough to show me why so many visitors come through this way. It is a big part of Australia that makes Australia what it is.


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