Photo 101 : Mystery

Jumping straight on to the next topic for photo101. This time is on Mystery (and also lighting during the golden hour). Firstly, mysterious rock art from Uluru in Australia. Some of it is known to us today as their dreamtime stories (as told by an elder from the Anangu tribe) but a lot of it is still sacred and kept only within the aboriginal community and never shared.

Uluru Story Telling

Second photo, street food in Morocco which looked like sweets. Of course, it was a mystery to us what it all was (unless you tried every single one!)


Finally, some shots on lighting and the golden hour

Light from the side revealing the ceilings and textures of the columns in this hallway.
Sunset in Amsterdam bringing out the colours of the buildings along the canal
sze wey lee
Basalt columns on Reynisfara black beach in Iceland at sunset
And Uluru at dusk, a wonder in its own right with its changing colours as the sun sets.

6 thoughts on “Photo 101 : Mystery

  1. Wonderful pics. The colours of the Uluru Rock are fantastic and the scale of the basalts of Iceland is a brilliant shot. Don’t think I would want to go to Iceland though, too cold. Australia is on my wish list though.

    1. Thank you. Iceland is cold. Having said that, it is still not as cold as Finland in winter. Happy to hear Australia is on your radar! Lots to do and see down under 🙂

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