Photo 101 : A pop of colour

For today’s photo, I have chosen the red poppies at the base of the remembrance tree of the 39th battalion. In the background, is the sculpture of the Driver by C S Jagger. I wanted to capture both the poppies and the sculpture and so had to get this photo from a very low point of view.


As always, I have attached more photos that I hope ties in with the theme.

The yellow house located in the small village of Hali in Iceland. You won’t miss it!
A splash of colour along the hiking trail up Lions Head in Cape Town
A brightly coloured starling (Cape Glossy Starling?) feeding on some crumbs we left for it in Kruger National Park, South Africa

10 thoughts on “Photo 101 : A pop of colour

    1. Thanks Anne. Looks like everyone uses the yellow house as a marker in the village. Instructions to our apartment was like “drive straight to the yellow house (You won’t miss it) and turn left”.

  1. Beautiful shots. I especially love the starling. We have a few varieties in Tanzania and they are just as brightly coloured.

      1. We have a the superb starling in Tanzania, which has that metallic blue with a bright orange breast. They are a stunning bird.

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