Keeping on the Moroccan Theme

I thought I would keep my Moroccan theme going since this weeks photo challenge fits nicely with it. To this end, we found the handiwork of some of the craftsmen quite amazing. Lots of things are still handmade. But when you see the ornate detail that is evident in Morocco, it is easy to understand why. Here’s a door to a home in Marrakech and a finely decorated ceiling of the room we were staying in. It is remarkable the skill that goes into them.



WPC : Ornate

2 thoughts on “Keeping on the Moroccan Theme

  1. The detail is amazing. When I scrolled back, the two bowls near the door caught my eye. Dog bowls??? Pink and blue — for girls and boys? Dogs know the difference between male and female?

    I am kidding, just in case you thought I was really crazy.

    For real, I just noticed the word order. In listing pink and blue, then girls and boys, the female came first. It switches with male and female. Almost everyone in the US (except my husband who is left-handed) will say those pairs the way I did.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I remember the dog bowls well too. However, I must admit I did not think of the colour being meant for boy and girl….even less do I notice what you just wrote in terms of pairs with gender. Very interesting!

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