Just look up

For me, a star filled night sky inspires me about the future. In the city, it is hard to see the stars. Too much light pollution and distraction. And most of the time, I forget to look up. Then when we get away to the country side and the night sky is clear, my jaws drop when I see what is overhead. I am not great in taking photos of them but my aim is to get better this year. So, hopefully that works out. The photo below was taken when we went down to the back beach in Sorrento and is my submission for this weeks photo challenge.


WPC : Future

4 thoughts on “Just look up

  1. Lovely photo. I keep intending to look at stars, because we now live in the country and can see many more than we did on Long Island. However, it has always been terribly cold when I notice a clear sky. I don’t think there would be enough blankets or gallons of hot chocolate to keep me outside to gaze at stars.

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