Ghost Gums

Another feature of the Australian outback are the Ghost Gums made famous by Aboroginal artist Albert Namatjira. You won’t miss these trees when you travel here. Reason being their trunks are stark white! And hence the name “ghost gum”. Apparently the powdery substance that cover the barks of these trees acts as a sunscreen in the hot sun too. So against the red landscape, rocky stones and blue sky, these gum trees with their smooth white bark really do stand out.

Its no surprise too that the aboriginals have medicinal uses for these trees. The resin from these trees when boiled is used as a strong disinfectant. The infusion of the bark has also been known to be used for sore eyes and even drunk for colds.

I was quite happy not have to test any of those remedies out and was perfectly happy to just take only photos of them!




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