One thing I can’t get enough of at this time of the year (as opposed to food which we all get too much of) are fireworks! We love fireworks. The whoosh and high pitch whistle followed by the loud boom that you can hear for miles around. Then the dazzling displays in rainbow colours that lights up the entire night sky. They are simply fabulous!

So, as I write the last post of this year, what better way to tick off 2014 than to share some fireworks that was part of a Christmas celebration a couple of weeks ago. This one was in Como park. What we love about this event is that the fireworks are let off no more than 50m away. So, they are right overhead and you can lie on your back and watch them fall like stars all around you. It is simply magical.

Happy New Year Everyone!

fireworks 1
The start of the fireworks which you can see is not far from where I was sitting

fireworks 3

fireworks 4fireworks 5fireworks 6fireworks 7fireworks 8fireworks 9fireworks 10

The willow tree which is often at the end is one of our favourites

Note to self : New Years resolution #1 – I am going to learn the names and types of fireworks. After posting this, I just realised as I was about to put some captions on the images that I do not know what they are called at all!  All these years, they have been known as “the flower one”, “the willow tree one”, “the one like a fish“. . . . I think you know what I mean.


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