Art from Prahran

It has been a little while since I last shared street art photos on this blog, I thought I’ll post a few on this happy Friday! These are all located at the Windsor end of Chapel street where I ended up for lunch on Saturday. ( We went to Tokyo Tina for lunch which if you haven’t been, it is great!)

We start with Merciless Mongo. Peter will tell you that Ming the Merciless from his comics Flash Gordon is a classic!


No clues for guessing who this looks like.


or even his arch enemy the Joker, played so unforgettably by our very own Heath Ledger


On a separate note, here’s one from Deb who hails from Melbourne. She is famous for her female characters and is instantly recognizable all over. She has her own website but it looks like it is under construction for now.


Finally to finish it off, here is one I don’t know much about but I quite like. it reminds of a circus performer from Cirque de Soleil


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