Adventure – The guessing game

African Safari

This weeks photo challenge is on adventure. On this theme, nothing captured my imagination and senses like Africa. Riding in an open top jeep on Safari and driving through rugged bushland, I did my best not to scream out whenever we found a big cat. Then when we stumbled accidentally upon this female African elephant with her young calf, we knew it was serious as our guide went all quiet. We’ve all read about it. But when its right in front of you (all 6 tonnes of menace), its hard not to question our guide’s advice to just sit tight. I wanted to hightail out of there and not play the guessing game.

Slowly our guide began to reverse our jeep all the while looking straight at her. The engine purring as it reversed sending out reassuring signals. She of course never blinked and when we had gone far enough, she suddenly turned and disappeared into the bush. Just like that. And just like that, I started breathing again, never feeling so alive as I have ever been in my entire life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Aventure

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