A Gothic Masterpiece of Light

More than 750 years old, this gothic masterpiece challenges any preconception of medieval. Throw out descriptions like primitive, dark, musty and replace it with the brilliant architectural genius where every wall is a stained glass window from floor to ceiling. (This is only possible as the walls carry no weight!)

This is the brilliance of Saint Chappelle, located in the heart of Paris. It’s an ecstasy of refracted light and colour with 600 square metres of stained glass windows. They are the oldest in Paris and truly a jewel in its crown. Teeming with pictures in each and every panel, you will miss most of it as we did. Instead, we were just overwhelmed with the dazzling display of pure colour everywhere we turned. Parisian scholastic Jean de Jandun called it one of Paris’ most beautiful chapels in 1323. We can’t help but agree.

St Chapelle

Weekly Photo Challenge : Refraction

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