On the weekend, at a friend’s birthday party for their daughter, we ended up manning the BBQ by virtue of the fact that we were just standing next to it. This can happen a lot especially if you show even the slightest interest. Because the next thing you know, you have the apron on and…

Symmetry with Marty

Who could forget Marty the Zebra in Madagascar? Anyhow, I thought this photo would suit this weeks photo challenge on symmetry. Taken in Krueger National Park in South Africa, they looked like identical twins. Can anyone tell them apart? Weekly Photo Challenge : Symmetry

Gone, But Not Forgotten

“First step to Freedom” created by Jeff Mwazha (whom we met at Greenmarket Square) of Nelson Mandela and his vision of “A Rainbow Nation at Peace with itself and the World” My contribution for this week – One Who is Gone But Will Never Ever Be Forgotten.

Art in Motion

That will be the cover of my imaginary book ‘Art in Motion’. Ever since I caught this sculpture at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town, I have fallen in love with animal sculptures that capture motion and fluidity. This is my all time favourite! it’s by Dylan Lewis, a local South African artist.…