Photo 101 : Water

When I think about water, I can’t help but think about the beach. I love the cool breezes. I love the waves. I love the sea. So naturally, when day three’s assignment is water, I can think of nothing else.

Just summer vacations. On the beach. Where the time best spent was watching my son flying his kite.

I can almost taste the salty sea spray on my lips . . .

Beach Peninsula
Melbourne beach on the peninsula

2 thoughts on “Photo 101 : Water

  1. You almost made me long for the water with that lovely photograph. For the past 20 years I walked daily beside Long Island Sound, only two minutes by car from my home. Last year my husband and I moved to the mountains of North Carolina where our scenery is now anything but flat. Your photo brought back lovely memories.

    • Yes, we are fortunate here in Melbourne where the beach is at the door step for some or at least only a short drive away! Mountains of North Carolina sounds scenic though.

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