Photo 101 : Warmth

Challenge for today is Warmth. As it is winter here, capturing an image of warmth using the sun as a source is a bit harder than usual. So I have done my own interpretation and took this photo earlier this evening. Here’s my favourite porcelain candle holder from Mont St Michel.



And here are a few more from my collection


Intricate lit ceiling of La Maison Arabe in Marrakech


Hot steam from geysers warmed us up (together with the sun on a beautiful day) in chilly Iceland


Last but not least, chocolate! Warms the heart every time.


13 thoughts on “Photo 101 : Warmth

  1. I used to sell those candle holders when I worked in DutyFree, they’re so delicate and beautiful. What is the brand name again? Good job with interpreting warmth!

  2. I meant no, we didn’t sell New York to my recollection, and yes that’s the name of the company. I re-read my response and it made no sense, lol!

    • Lol – Thanks for the link to Bloomingdales. I was wondering what other scenes would look like. And yes they are quite fragile but lovely to look at. Reminds of Mont St Michel everytime I light mine up!

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