Photo 101 : Natural World

In an effort to notice the tiny details for today’s assignment, I took some close up photos out in my front yard. I am liking this assignment and although I do not get great shots always, sometimes the photo produces some interesting details which I would not have noticed before.


A succulent plant in the front yard. First time I have noticed the tiny row of hairs on the edge!


A tiny fern from the fern tree


And as per my practice now in photo101, a couple of shots from photos I have taken in the past which fits the theme. I hope you like them.


Clams we collected from along Palm Cove beach in Queensland. We put them in a glass bowl of sea water and saw them “come out” of their shells filtering for food.


Photo of a baby jellyfish in an aquarium shop in Hong Kong. The background is actually apartments across the street as the aquarium is on the third floor.

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    • Thanks for that. I taking photos of the cute jellyfish then when I looked at them later, a friend commented that some of the shots looked like aliens were flying into Hong Kong!

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