Ghosts at Vezio Castle

After missing the last couple of week’s photo challenges, I return to find that this week is on  . . . . “creepy” (in my softest whisper). I can’t say I like the topic as I absolutely hate anything creepy. Combine that with crawly and THAT IS IT!

Anyway, we did come across at Lake Como the 11th century Castle of Vezio which ticked the box for this weeks photo challenge. The castle is quite a hike up from nearby Varenna but we thought it would be interesting as it offers the best views of the surrounding area. What we didn’t expect to find walking around the castle were ghosts!


They (there was more than one, mind you, positioned at various spots in the castle) absolutely creeped me out.

Add to that the legend that on a moonless night, the ghost of Queen Teodolinda wanders the rooms of the castle at night, it was enough for me to decide we were absolutely not hanging around when it starts to get dark!

WPC : Creepy

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